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7 12 Registration Service in Mumbai

Hemant Enterprise Provides Best 7/12 Extract Registration Service in Mumbai

The 7/12 extract is an information document prescribing details about a specific piece of lands such as survey number, area, date, and more particulars about the existing owner’s name. This extract is a combination of two forms. Form 7 talks about the details of the land owners and their rights while Form 12 lists specifics about the land type and usage. ‘Saat-Baara-Utara’ is the regional term for the 7/12 Extract Document in Maharashtra. The document is maintained by the revenue department of the state for tax collection purposes. The extract is issued by the Tehsildar or the concerned land authority. Buyers can get a copy of the document after paying the official fee or file a petition under the Right to Information Act to get a copy. 

7/12 Extract or Record of Rights is the extract from the land records register held by the Revenue Department of the Government of Maharashtra. 7/12 extracts contain complete information about land property in rural areas. While property cards are related to land property in urban areas. 7/12 extract document is an important indicator of the legal status of the property (agricultural land). In this article, we will see about 7/12 Extract of Maharashtra Land Records in detail.

7/12 extract is also known as Saat Baara Utara, Record of Land Rights. The 7/12 extract or Utara is an extract from that land register and includes complete information about agricultural land in a rural area of Maharashtra. 7/12 Utara serves as proof of ownership of the land. 7/12 extract is named after two forms that are used to collect information for this extract. These forms are prescribed in the Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Register.

Property purchases are among the most important decisions of your life, and this process has a lot of legalities and paperwork involved to ensure the property is free from legal claims and litigation. 7/12 Extract is one of the documents necessary to buy property in Maharashtra and is the extract from the land records register held by the Revenue Department of the Government of Maharashtra. This document is required while investing in plots in rural or semi-rural areas. The document is only important when land parts have no city survey counts because the government has scratched out the use of this document in urban regions in Maharashtra, which includes suburban portions of Mumbai


7/12 extract Documents are an important indicator of the legal status of the plot. It is used for finding information about the ancestral information of any particular land. Past disputes, litigation, court orders, etc, that could affect the land ownership or its legal stature can be found in this piece of document. Apart from this, the 7/12 Extract is a record of all the activities done on the land in the past. It is important to document to identify the land to establish the exact location along with its physical nature. For agricultural land, the extract also keeps a record of the crops that were last grown on the land.


The 7/12 extract contains the following information about the land:

  • Survey number of land
  • Area of the land – Fit for cultivation
  • Changes in ownership
  • Mutation numbers
  • Type of land (agricultural or non-agricultural)
  • Type of irrigation (irrigated type or rain-fed type)
  • Details pending loans for buying seeds, pesticides, or fertilizers
  • Information about the type of crops planted in the last cultivating season
  • Details of pending litigations
  • Details of tax paid and unpaid


  • Proof of Ownership

 In rural regions, extract 7/12 is used to check for ancient land ownership or any other territory.

  • Land type and Activities

 7/12 extracts may be used to determine the kind of land and the sort of land-related activities carried out on the land

  • Property Sale Transaction

 7/12 extract is required at the Sub-Registrar’s office when the sale transaction of land is being done.

  • Bank Loan

 To raise farm credit or to get a loan from a bank, 7/12 Utara should be submitted.

  • Agricultural Information

 Saat Baara Utara is a significant document to obtain information about land and nearby places in terms of agriculture.

  • Civil Litigation

 In the event of any civil dispute, the court wants land record evidence. For this reason, the 7/12 extract is important.



  • Lands survey number
  • Area of the land
  • Mutation number
  • Changes in ownership
  • Type of irrigation 
  • Type of land 
  • Details of pending loans (buying seeds, pesticides, or fertilizers)
  • Details of pending litigations if any
  • Details of taxes paid and unpaid if any


You can get the required 7/12 extract online from the official MahaBhulekh site, a land record website of Maharashtra state. 

Here is the stepwise process to get the 7/12 Utara online from MahaBhulekh. 

Step 1: Visit the bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in

Step 2: From the Home Page Select the Applicable Section from Amravati

 Aurangabad, Konkan, Nagpur, Nashik, Pune Then Click on The Go button. 

Step 3: It will redirect you to the respective section Page. 

Step 4: Select the 7/12 option and Choose the district, Taluka, and Village

Step 5: Then you can search the 7/12 extract by using- Survey Number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Full Name. Select any one option from above and fill in the details. Then click on the Search button. 

Step 7: The Required 7/12 Details Will be displayed.


Here is a stepwise process to get the digitally signed 7/12 document online in Maharashtra

Step 1: Visit the digitalsatbara.mahabhumi.gov.in 

Step 2: Click on the New Registration 

Step 3: Fill in the New Registration form divided into three sections namely Personal Information, Address Information, and Login Information, and click on Check Availability. Then create a password and click on submit. 

Step 4: Now, Login with the newly created Email ID and Password 

Step 5: After logging in select the details- District, Taluka, Village, Survey Number, etc. 

Step 6: Then Click on the Recharge Account

Step 7: Enter the amount between 15-1000, select the payment gateway and click on Pay Now option. 

Step 8: The Payment success window will be displayed. Note down the PRN number. 

Step 9: Now by clicking on Home select the District, Taluka, and Village details and click on the survey number to download the 7/12 Utara. 


You can add the name in 7/12 Utara after the completion of the sales deed of the land property. 

Following is the process to change the name of the owner on 7/12 Utara.

First Make a written application to the Talathi within the jurisdiction of the area where the land is located. Then you have to provide the necessary documents and records related to property ownership. The Talathi will process the application and verify the documents and government records. The Talathi will make the necessary changes in the 7/12 extract and will update the register. This change will be reflected in the e-chawdi. The individuals who will be affected by these mutations will be informed via ROR. The mutation will be written with the Pencil. If there is any objection within 15 days, the survey office may cancel the entries after duly understanding the case. If there is no objection within 15 days, the survey officer will confirm the mutation and make their mutation entry. After this Talathi will record this in ROR (Record-of-Rights)

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