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Passport Correction Service in Thane

Hemant Enterprise Provides Best Passport Correction Service in Thane

It is difficult to change your name on your passport or make other corrections. To change a name or make some passport modifications, there are a lot of stages and regulations involved. Either a name change or a change in surname might result in a name change on an Indian passport. It could also happen as a result of a name change upon marriage. You can get assistance from Hemant Enterprises in figuring out how to change the name on your passport or make other changes. We will go through the documentation requirements and instructions in the section that follows if you want to change your name on your passport. One of the crucial pieces of information on your passport is your name and address. If your name is spelt improperly, you should amend the passport name correction as soon as you can. You may get assistance from Hemant Enterprises with changing the name on your passport as well as the necessary paperwork. If you are wondering how to change the name on your passport, you have come to the correct spot. 

Reasons to change your name on your Indian passport:

The following are the most typical justifications for name changes on passport applications.

  • Your name changes after marriage.
  • After a divorce
  • After remarriage
  • In Other Situations.


Documents needed for a passport name change include:

Whatever your reason for changing your name, the passport name change procedure is rather simple. You will need to submit several papers, depending on your status, in order to change your name on your Indian passport.
The paperwork needed to change your name on your Indian passport depends on the circumstances. After then, each case’s passport name change procedure is essentially the same. For each situation, I have listed the paperwork needed for a name change in a passport below.

Required Documents for Passport Name Change in Indian Passport After Marriage: 

Documents needed for women who wish to change their names in passports after marriage. They must then provide the following papers in addition to their passport application for the passport name modification process. (During their scheduled visit at the passport office):

  • A copy of her passport or that of her spouse (if she has one).
  • Self-attested photocopies of the couple’s marriage licences.
  • The marriage certificate should be issued by the Registrar of Marriage office. OR. It should include a Joint Affidavit of Husband and Wife on Non-Judicial Stamp Paper with a Joint Photograph (Annexure “D”).
  • If a woman wishes to change her last name in her passport or remove her ex-last spouse’s name from it after divorce, she must provide the following documents. 

Additionally to their Passport Application, individuals must then produce the following papers for the passport name change procedure in name to complete it. (During their scheduled visit at the passport office):

  • An official copy of the divorce judgement.
  • Deed poll/Notary-sworn affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper with a minimum value (ANNEXURE “E”)

If a woman wishes to have her passport name changed or change her surname due to remarriage, the necessary paperwork is listed under “Required Documents to Change Name in Passport After Re-Marriage.” She must next provide the paperwork needed for her passport’s name change, in addition to the Passport Application. (When making an appointment to visit the passport office)

  • A husband’s death certificate or divorce documentation.
  • A copy of the husband’s passport (If available).
  • A photocopy of the marriage licence that has been self-attested.

Documents Needed to Change a Passport’s Name in All Other Situations:

All candidates who wish to change their name (or both their name and surname) on their passport for whatever reason. To their Passport Application appointment for the name change Indian passport, they must bring the following papers that are necessary for the passport name change:

  • Deed poll/Notary-sworn affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper with a minimum value (ANNEXURE “E”)
  • A newspaper ad announcing your name change in any two daily top publications. (It must appear in your town or city)
  • How to Change a Name in a Passport: Typically, one must utilise the Passport Seva Service and apply for a “Re-issue” of the passport in order to change a name in a passport or to repair application errors. Please refer to the preceding section for a comprehensive list of the papers that must be supplied with the Name Change in Indian Passport Application Form. To change your name on your passport, follow these instructions for reissuing a passport:
  • Visit the official passport Seva website,, to change your name in your passport.
  • Log in now with your legitimate credentials if you are already a registered user. If this is something you have never done before, you must click new user registration and make an account.
  • A list of services will appear when you log in. For the passport name correction process, select “Apply for a new passport/reissue of passport.”
  • To apply online, select option 1 on the next page. If you wish to apply offline, pick option 2.
  • Then, select “reissue of passport” on the following page. Then, choose any information you wish to change by ticking the corresponding boxes. then select “next” from the menu.
  • In order to change your name on your Indian passport, you must now fill out certain information. Then, select “yes” to confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions. After that, select Save My Details and Next.
  • Next, add the information.
  • The next step is to confirm certain information with a yes or no response. Click next after saving your information.
  • After that, a preview of the data you have submitted will be displayed. So, verify them, then click the button after that.
  • You must decide which document to use as evidence of your current address and date of birth. If you like, you can select an Aadhaar card in any scenario.
  • Your application preview should now appear. Click next after printing it.
  • After that, you must click “Pay Online” to finish the payment process. Click next after a successful payment to print the receipt.
  • You will need to select an appointment on the next page. As a result, after clicking next, a list of open appointments will appear.
  • On the next page, schedule an appointment time. The available dates are those in green.
  • You need to upload documents right now. As a result, submit the papers that have been scanned. to upload, click the button.
  • Following that, your application’s final receipt will be shown. Print it, then select “close.” The process for applying online is complete.
  • Now that you have arrived to the passport agency on the scheduled appointment day and brought all of the aforementioned paperwork. That is all, (in line with the explanation for your name change.) Just wait until your passport is reprinted with the correct information and mailed to your address.
  • How can you change your name on your passport offline?
  • If you wish to change your name on your passport, you need follow these steps.
  • In the Central Gazette, change the name to: In the Indian passport affidavit, the applicant’s information, including the old name, the new name, the cause for the name change, and the applicant’s address, must be established as a Name change in the first stage. Once the process is complete, the new name will be published in the Gazette, and copies must be saved for future use.
  • Place commercials in newspapers: Two local periodicals, preferably one in English and one in the reader’s native tongue, are required to run an advertising.
  • To obtain a new passport, get in touch with the local passport office: Applying can be done in two ways: online or in person at the centre. To fill Form No. II for Miscellaneous Services online, go to the Passport Seva website. The charge then has to be paid.
  • Length of time needed to complete the passport name change process
  • Let us look at how long the passport name correction process takes. The procedure is comparable to applying for a new passport, as is the time required. It typically takes 3 weeks to 1 month, however this might change depending on other factors. You must also pay the regular charge of 1500 Rupees for the name change or reissue of your passport.
  • That is all there is to it when it comes to changing your name on your passport, the steps involved in doing so, and the paperwork needed.
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