Name Change & Correction Service in Thane

Hemant Enterprises is the Best Name Change & Correction Service Provider in Thane
Name Change & Correction Service in Thane

Hemant Enterprise Provides Best Name Change & Correction Service in Thane

Despite the fact that many people dislike their names, not everyone wants to have them changed. They simply keep their names for the rest of their lives, frequently out of ignorance of the options or because they think the process of changing their names is boring.

A name change is defined as altering one’s name by adding initials or just one letter, or by filing a lawsuit if one adopts a new name that is different from one’s birth name, marital name, or adopted name. Name changes are rather common these days. For many different reasons, a lot of people change their names. They Are Used To Change The Spelling, For Marriage, Or Just For Good Luck. Please Take Notice That Changing Your Name Affects Your Legal Name and Changes Your Identity. Legal Procedures Are Lengthy And Complicated For Official Name Changes.

There are many reasons why people change their names, including marriage, dissatisfaction with their current name, religious considerations, political circumstances, identity makeovers, and more. In addition, many women in tribes change their first and last names after marriage.

The Value Of Following All Legal Requirements During A Name Change Procedure:

  • It’s important to keep in mind that any change to a person’s identification should be made legally because technology has permeated so many aspects of our daily lives, especially for identity verification.
  • Since our names appear on numerous documents, like our PAN, Aadhaar card, bank accounts, report cards, birth certificates, and so on, they are used to authenticate our identity. Therefore, It Is Critical That Your Identification Be Legally Validated And Amended By The Center/Designated State’s Party Or Authority Before Making Changes To These Records For A Name Change.
  • Criminals who commit identity theft, credit card fraud, illegal signatures, acts of sabotage or terrorism, credit avoidance, or other crimes may use multiple identities.
  • A legal name change should be carried out in order to permanently record the new name for all purposes. The legal process encourages accountability and transparency in regards to your identification or verification.

Benefits Of Changing Your Name Legally: 

No Attorney Is Required: Even though the services needed for a name change take time, they are nevertheless doable without a lawyer’s help.

Maintaining Simplicity And Ease During Marriage And Divorce: The Process Of Changing One’s Name During Marriage And Divorce Is A Simple And Straightforward One. A woman may file for divorce under her maiden name or any other name that has been registered in the official gazette in accordance with the Family Courts Act of 1988 if she chooses not to take on her husband’s name after marriage. Either party may continue to use their married names after a divorce, unless one spouse does so in an effort to defraud the other.

Obtains official approval for you: 

If you apply for any document or public service as an Indian citizen, your application will be approved, and your new name will be listed as your official name on the document. If You Use A Weak Or Wrong Technique, You Won’t Be Able To Change Your Name. Some government organisations, public sector banks, and other institutions may reject such a person due to insufficient identification confirmation.

If you legally change your name, the change is recorded legally and permanently for anybody to see or access. It’s easy to verify this. Additionally, it makes it easier to obtain documents, pay taxes, and so forth.

When a name is changed, other important identity documents such as Aadhaar, PAN, bank account numbers, employment identification cards, and so on may need to be updated with your new identification. Therefore, The Formal Name Change Must Be Completed And Accepted By The Required Authorities In Order For The Records To Be Updated.

In India, Changing Your Name Involves Three Steps:

  1. The submission of an affidavit is required in India in order to change one’s name.
  2. Advertisement Publication: A Notice Must Be Published In The Newspaper.
  3. Name changes should be published in the India Gazette, according to the notification.

The initial step is to complete a name change affidavit, which will be handled by our knowledgeable attorneys. Your Affidavit Must Include Both Your Old And New Names, As Well As The Reason For The Name Change (Marriage, Legal, Numerological, Divorce, Correction In Existing Name, Etc.). The Affidavit for Name Change Must Be Signed And Marked By Two Witnesses And A Gazetted Officer Rank.

Placing Advertisements: A Newspaper Ad Is A Crucial Step In The Process. The advertising appears in one national or regional newspaper, depending on the circumstances. We’ll publish an advertisement in the newspaper with all the details you need to change your name.

A copy of the newspaper that was published should be kept for future use.

Notification in the Gazette: After submitting a first name change application, your name will be published in the official national gazette. On a daily basis, we’ll keep an eye on the publishing. We Will Give You A Soft Copy Of The Gazette Along With The Information Of The E-Publication Page Once The Publishing Is Complete.

A Declaration on Stamp Paper:

The Original Newspaper Advertising A Name Change
The Required Proforma, Completely Signed by the Applicant and Two Witnesses, in Printed Form
Two Copies of Valid ID in the Size Of A Passport (PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Or Passport)
The reasons behind choosing Hemant Enterprises
Hemant Enterprises’ team of experts handles the laborious process for you when you change your name in India.

The entire process is conducted online. We draught the name change affidavit, ensure that the newspaper publication is complete, and notify you when the gazette notification is published.

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Hemant Enterprise Provide Best Name Change & Correction Service in Thane



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