Sudha Murty reveals the secret behind Narayan Murthy’s steady weight: ‘He just can’t eat what I cook’

What is the secret of Infosys co-founder and businessman Narayan Murthy’s steady weight? His author and philanthropist wife Sudha Murty says– food cooked by her.  In the latest episode of Khaane Mein Kaun Hai?, the philanthropist opened up about how people always marvel about Narayan Murthy’s effort at maintaining his weight. Sudha Murty quipped that she can eat good food, but can’t cook well.

“People ask me, ‘How is Narayan Murty’s weight still the same as it was when you both got married, in fact, he has even reduced! How has he managed this?’ Then I tell them it is because of my cooking. What I cook, he just can’t eat, which is why he is so slim! I eat well, but I don’t know how to prepare well. I make Mysore pudi, very good tea, several kinds of poha, I am an expert,” she added.

Sudha Murty and Narayan Murthy, who have been married for decades, have two children, including fashion designer Akshata Murty, who is the wife of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. On the episode, when asked about whether it was love at first sight for her, Sudha Murty said, “No I knew him. Maybe on his sight!”

Sudha Murty had previously spoken about her father worried about her marriage with Narayan Murthy. “I am a doctor’s daughter, I hail from a middle class family and we used to only have books at our home. By the grace of God, I married Narayan Murthy. He was unemployed at the time we got married. My father asked me, ‘why are you marrying an unemployed person, when people ask us about him what will we say to them?’, so I told him that he should say he is Sudha’s husband,” she had said on The Kapil Sharma Show.

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