Police probe honeytrap and extortion allegations after ex-soldier found dead in Kodagu | Bangalore News

The wife of a retired Armyman recently found dead in a lake in Karnataka’s Madikeri region has filed a complaint of extortion against a woman with whom her husband was said to have been involved in an extramarital relationship.

Sandesh AB (36), who retired from the corps of electrical and mechanical engineers after 17 years of service on July 31, was found dead in the Pampinakere lake near Madikeri on Tuesday evening. He had gone missing early in the morning after leaving home for a walk.

A handwritten note that was reportedly found at his home stated that Sandesh was allegedly being blackmailed by a woman identified as Jeevitha from Madikeri and some associates for large amounts of money with the threat of exposing their private pictures on social media and to his family.

Police in Kodagu district said the soldier had stated in the handwritten note that he had been “honey-trapped” by an acquaintance from Madikeri whom he had befriended on social media while working with the Army. The soldier is suspected to have died by suicide.

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The soldier’s father has also lodged a complaint, about his son having gone missing a day after he and his wife visited the Madikeri police station to file a complaint.

Festive offer

In her extortion complaint, filed after Sandesh’s body was found, Yashoda BS has alleged that a woman from Madikeri, Jeevitha, whom her husband had befriended was demanding marriage and had extorted nearly Rs 15 lakh from him. It is alleged that the woman had demanded he give her Rs 50 lakh or build a house for her with his retirement benefits and that she had threatened to release his private pictures with her.

“The note that was found said there was a honeytrap,” a Kodagu police officer said. The police are investigating the allegations.

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