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“Eanku oru idea (I have an idea),” is something Meera (Ivana) keeps repeating in LGM aka Let’s Get Married to make her relationship with Gautham (Harish Kalyan) work. That’s a common strand between Meera and the debut film of Ramesh Thamilmani — both of them just have ideas, which don’t come to fruition. On paper, LGM, conceived and produced by Sakshi Dhoni, a film about a man’s mom and girlfriend going on a road trip before taking the young couple takes the plunge might sound interesting, but good ideas don’t necessarily make up for good films. Not unless the idea is explored with a substantial screenplay and conviction. On top of it all, the film needed something as basic as actors who could provide enough dates for the projects. Instead, we have people walk in and walk out of the story and the director comes up with an excuse every time he seems to have run out of call sheets of his actors, especially that of Yogi Babu.

Colleagues Gautham and Ivana have been dating for two years before deciding to take the plunge. Gautham’s mom Leela (Nadiya) readily accepts his love but for filling the screentime, the director keeps stalling Gautham’s attempt to break the news to his mom. That’s another problem with the film–finding conflicts when none exist. When Ivana learns that she would live with Gautham’s mom after marriage, she comes up with the idea that both families take a tour to Coorg so she gets to know about her future mother-in-law. Yet again Gautham is hesitant to break the news to his mom but manages to take her on the trip without divulging the information. For reasons unknown, Gautham drags in random characters for the tour, who add absolutely no value to the film. It could be possible that their purpose was to provide laughs, but I don’t recall them doing anything remotely close to humour. What’s more, bewildering is that these characters leave the story for no reason at all.

There’s a dearth of creativity when it comes to depicting the misadventures of the two lead women. They either get drunk or intoxicated and both instances are excuses for songs. What’s more unsettling about the film is how a lot of jokes don’t land well. Meera orders a Long Island Ice Tea in a roadside tea shop in the middle of the jungle. When you think of it, it might be absurdly funny but there’s something off about the way it has been shot and cut. Even Yogi Babu, who has a knack for salvaging a bad scene, could only do so much in LGM.

There’s no significant outcome to the conflicts in LGM either. We are shown that Leela has forgotten to take the inhaler during her road trip with Meera, and as we expect, at a supposedly crucial point in the film, she gets an asthma attack. And… nothing happens. She just passes out and wakes up. Similarly, the two ladies and Yogi Babu are trapped in a truck with a tiger…and nothing happens. Everyone gets out safely. How? It doesn’t matter, so we don’t get to see it. These conflicts have no significant outcome, neither does the film.

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