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Rekha’s personal life has forever stirred curiosity, be it her famously documented romance with Amitabh Bachchan or short-lived married life with Mukesh Aggarwal. And now, her close bond with manager of 30 years, Farzana, is in the limelight. ETimes Explainer decodes the controversy which has gained steam in recent times.

Who is Rekha’s manager Farzana?

A trusted aide, a pillar of strength, a staunch supporter and lot more – that’s Farzana for you.Always dressed in smart suits and sporting a short hairdo, Farzana never shies away from stepping into the shadows respectfully, while Rekha enjoys the spotlight. And as soon as the flashlights stop, she is quick to take charge and lead the way for Rekha. Over the years, age has added spectacles to Farzana’s look, but the mystery around her bond with Rekha continues to be shrouded in secrecy.
Farzana’s father was a production controller and she harboured dreams of being a director. In an interview, Yasser Usman had revealed that Farzana assisted on several films and eventually decided it did not interest her. She then got in touch with Rekha and started her journey as the star’s secretary-cum-manager, a thick bond that has lasted over 30 years. Yasser Usman also revealed that when Farzana’s mother was sick, she would attend to her in the morning and then rush to be with Rekha and that Farzana had ‘literally given her life for Rekha’.

Is Rekha in a relationship with her manager? Here’s the truth

After an excerpt, crediting Yasser Usman, stated that Rekha and Farzana were in a relationship went viral, netizens were quick to speculate that the actress was in a live-in romance with her manager. The alleged excerpt stated, “Farzana is a perfect partner for Rekha. She is her consultant, her friend, and her supporter, and Rekha simply can’t live without her. In fact, only Rekha’s trusted secretary Farzana — who some have claimed is her lover — is permitted inside her bedroom; not even domestic help are allowed entry.”
However, Yasser discredited the same and objected to the usage of words like live-in. He came out to clarify and criticised the speculations and said in a statement, “The quotes alleging a ‘live-in relationship’ ascribed to my book ‘Rekha The Untold Story’ are a complete fabrication, falsification and misrepresentation evidently intended to create sensationalism. I vehemently assert that the quotes mentioned in the media articles are entirely absent from my book. Furthermore, _*throughout the entire manuscript, the phrases ‘live-in relationship’ or ‘hermetic existence’ or ‘the biography claiming the relationship is sexual’ have never been used. *_These incorrect quotes are a result of poor clickbait journalism and keep on resurfacing every few years. If these quotes attributed to me or my book ‘Rekha The Untold Story’ are not immediately rectified, we will not hesitate to pursue legal action against the publications responsible.”

Who was Rekha’s husband?

After quitting his education at 13, Mukesh Agarwal went on to do several odd jobs. He rose to prominence by successfully starting his own kitchenware company at the age of 24. The ambitious entrepreneur was known to throw lavish parties for Delhi’s socialites. Rekha and Mukesh Agarwal were introduced through common friends. They had a whirlwind romance, which involved several meetings in Mumbai and Delhi. Rekha was quick to say yes after Mukesh proposed marriage during one of his visits to Mumbai. The couple got hitched in March 1990 and a blissful honeymoon in London followed.

The controversy around his death by suicide

Mukesh Agarwal reportedly suffered from depression and financial setbacks made things worse. Cracks appeared in their relationship within months of marriage and in September 1990, Rekha and Mukesh agreed on divorce by mutual consent, stated an excerpt from Yasser’s biography of the actress. While Rekha was away on a tour, Mukesh ended his life on October 2, 1990, with his wife’s dupatta. Mukesh left a suicide note saying that he did not blame anyone for his decision and certainly not Rekha.

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